Mariah Matthews

Mariah Matthews


("Myth is not a distortion of fact, but the womb through which fact must come.", Jane Roberts, THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE NATURE OF MASS EVENTS)


I love Mythology, always have, can't remember when I didn't. My name is Mariah Matthews. I live in the USA, and this blog is about a novel that I'm currently writing, working title: : MYTHS OF HELICON MOUNTAIN.

10 June, 2013


Picking up where I left off with my novel MYTHS OF HELICON MOUNTAIN while I concentrated on moving to new quarters. Now here we are at the opening of Chapter 5 again: "Fearful of beasts that find their food in the night, a young woman stumbles up a hillside seeking shelter beneath the overhang of a cliff. Wrapped in a yellow garment and heavily pregnant, she has trekked through the wilderness for days, following the sunsets, obeying the command of a woman in a dream. She rests there and searches the sky...." It’s Sapphire’s chapter; she’s telling Echo how she happens to be in Thessaly.

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