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Mariah Matthews


("Myth is not a distortion of fact, but the womb through which fact must come.", Jane Roberts, THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE NATURE OF MASS EVENTS)


I love Mythology, always have, can't remember when I didn't. My name is Mariah Matthews. I live in the USA, and this blog is about a novel that I'm currently writing, working title: : MYTHS OF HELICON MOUNTAIN.

17 August, 2013

So hard to get a new chapter rolling!

CHAPTER 6, on to Final version:  On Writing MYTHS. So hard to get a new chapter rolling! I ask myself if there’s a clever rule for this. The 5 W’s: WHO-WHERE-WHAT-WHEN-WHY…, good enough for a newspaper article, but in novels, characters tell the story and my characters are not dancing for me today! I’ll take another look…, maybe if I keep the five W’s straight, I’ll find a rhythm…. WHO? Alpheius, Poseidon’s Royal Pleiad son. WHERE? On Helicon Mountain. WHAT? The building of Poseidon’s Grove. WHEN, during Alpheius’ second year on the mountain. WHY? To please his father? Or so Echo, his Human daughter, will entertain the Titan lords with her mountain songs? She refuses to go into their caves and I can’t blame her, the Taurians don’t smell very good!  That’s probably the “why” behind this chapter.


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