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Mariah Matthews


("Myth is not a distortion of fact, but the womb through which fact must come.", Jane Roberts, THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE NATURE OF MASS EVENTS)


I love Mythology, always have, can't remember when I didn't. My name is Mariah Matthews. I live in the USA, and this blog is about a novel that I'm currently writing, working title: : MYTHS OF HELICON MOUNTAIN.

01 November, 2012

Saying goodbye to Glaucus

MYTHS OF HELICON MOUNTAIN.  (Saying goodbye to Glaucus as he exits the stage in Chapter One of ECHO AND NARCISUS) 
Feeling the effects of time, Glaucus grew restless. “I think often of the Humans who left Boreas before we did,” he confessed to Europa one day. “Some of them spoke of going to Zephyrus. I’ve decided to go west and see if I can find any of them while I still have the strength to travel.”

“Poppa’s too old! What if he doesn’t come back?” Ephyra and Aethra argued. 

“Pray that he does, and hope that he brings other Humans with him because -- except for Aethra’s son -- you have daughters only, and they will be the ones desiring children next,” Europa replied. 

Her heart sang a different tune as she watched her husband of many years walk off into a blazing sunset and, for one tender moment, she wanted to go with him and be young again. Regrets? Perhaps.
Stay, stay..., the oak leaves whispered, rustling in the wind.

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