Mariah Matthews

Mariah Matthews


("Myth is not a distortion of fact, but the womb through which fact must come.", Jane Roberts, THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE NATURE OF MASS EVENTS)


I love Mythology, always have, can't remember when I didn't. My name is Mariah Matthews. I live in the USA, and this blog is about a novel that I'm currently writing, working title: : MYTHS OF HELICON MOUNTAIN.

12 October, 2012


Final version of Chapter One: A writer needs to know what makes her characters tick.  This morning I recalled a dream that made me understand how Europa (matriarch of the Humans who bring Poseidon and his aliens south to escape the ice flows) feels when her husband goes off to find other Humans and leaves her alone to make the decisions about the care of these aliens. She isn’t happy! After all, Glaucus insisted upon rescuing them in the first place; she would have let them freeze to death!  Isn’t that just like a man?  (Sorry, guys, I’m telling this from Europa’s pov. Someone has to keep home fires burning while others explore the land, and I’ll bet you wouldn’t have stayed at Dodona Springs, either.) I'm not calling the Taurians "aliens" in the book, but I'll use the word on this post because it seems to work best on my Facebook page. 

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