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Mariah Matthews


("Myth is not a distortion of fact, but the womb through which fact must come.", Jane Roberts, THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE NATURE OF MASS EVENTS)


I love Mythology, always have, can't remember when I didn't. My name is Mariah Matthews. I live in the USA, and this blog is about a novel that I'm currently writing, working title: : MYTHS OF HELICON MOUNTAIN.

14 February, 2012


MYTHS, Chapter 22 of 28: Today I write about a monument that was built for Minyas, king of Orchomenus, first Human after Deucalion’s Flood to build a stone city; first to die of natural causes before his father did. Pausanias, 2nd Century A.D. travelogue writer, described the monument, he called it a Treasury  “not less wonderful than the Pyramids.”

I researched this several years ago when I wrote my first draft of Chapter 22. Fascinating to revisit. How did mortals build Minyas’s treasury? Pausanias doesn’t say. Some latter-day mystics claim that those megalithic stones were moved by sound. And what became of the Treasury of Minyas? Did it ever exist and could the ruins be somewhere on the floor of the Aegean Sea? I don’t have to say. I am not a mystic. 

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