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("Myth is not a distortion of fact, but the womb through which fact must come.", Jane Roberts, THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE NATURE OF MASS EVENTS)


I love Mythology, always have, can't remember when I didn't. My name is Mariah Matthews. I live in the USA, and this blog is about a novel that I'm currently writing, working title: : MYTHS OF HELICON MOUNTAIN.

20 November, 2007



THE ROYAL PLEIADS: Earthborn Offspring of the Titans and their Pleiad paramours from the conquered worlds of Hamul and the Pleiades, as their names and genealogies are found in the ancient scrolls of Ortygia.
-- First Generation:
[1] ASIA, [2] PLEIONE, and [3] THETIS, daughters of the Titan Lord Nereus and his Pleiad paramour [4] DORIS
[5] IRIS, daughter of the Titan Lord Thaumis and his Pleiad paramour [6] ELECTRA I
[7] THOOSA, daughter of the Titan Lord Phorcys and his Pleiad paramour [8] AETNA
[9] PROMETHEUS, [10] EPIMETHEUS, [11] MENETHEUS, and [12] ATLAS, sons of the Titan Lord Iapetus and Asia [1]. Half-Titan, Asia claimed to be Iapetus’ Royal Spouse and not his paramour
--Second and Third Generations:
[15] MAIA, [16] ELECTRA II, [17] MEROPE, [18] TAYGETE, [19] ALCYONE, [20] ASTEROPE, [21] CELAENO, and [22] HYAS; the “Seven Pleiades” and their lost brother who were the children of Pleione [2] and Atlas [12]
[23] PANDORA, daughter of Selene and her Pleiad paramour Eolus [36]
[24] PYRRHA, Deucalion’s Pleiad spouse and mother of his children. Daughter of Epimetheus [10] and Pandora [23]
[25] IASON, and [26] DARDANUS, sons of Electra II [16] and Zeus
[27] PLUTUS, and [28] PHILOMELUS, sons of Demeter and her Pleiad paramour, otherwise unknown
[29] ARALIA, daughter of Iris [5] and Oberon [54]
[30] ALPHEIUS, [31] CEPHISUS, [32] INACHUS, and [33] HYRIEUS ASTERION, Athena’s Pleiad Astronomer, sons of Poseidon by Atlas’s daughter, Alcyone [19]
[34] LYKOS, sons of Poseidon by Atlas’s daughter Celaeno [21]

--Other Pleiads whose names and actions were also recorded in the ancient scrolls:
[35] HEPHESTUS, Prince of Malcabar from Hamul, Gaea’s Pleiad paramour who came to Earth with his son and daughter-in-law:
[36] EOLUS and [37] ENARETE. Eolus and Enarete had six daughters and six sons who married each other as follows:
[38] MACAR and sister [39] CANACE of Attica
[40] ACHERON and sister [41] GORGYRA of Crane Mountain
[42] AETHLIUS and sister [43] CALYCE of Mount Ossa
[44] PENEIUS and sister [45] ARNE of Mount Pelion
[46] MAGNES and sister [47] TANAGRA of Mount Ida
[48] DEION and sister [49] HALCYON of Mount Oeta
[50] DELPHINE, their old Pleiad nurse
[51] THYNIUS of Hyperia and his sons [52] CEBRON and [53] CERAMBUS
[54] OBERON, [55] COTTUS, and [56] GYES – possibly sons or grandsons of the Titan Lord Nereus and his paramour Doris [4]. They supported Hecate and went to Hyperia with Asia
[57] OGYGUS, son of Gyes [56]
[58] PARTHOLON, brother of Nereus’s Pleiad paramour Doris [4]; Pleiad governor of Nereid and progenitor of the RACE OF PARTHOLON “from another world” who showed up on the Island of Avalon after Deucalion's Flood.

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