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Mariah Matthews


("Myth is not a distortion of fact, but the womb through which fact must come.", Jane Roberts, THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE NATURE OF MASS EVENTS)


I love Mythology, always have, can't remember when I didn't. My name is Mariah Matthews. I live in the USA, and this blog is about a novel that I'm currently writing, working title: : MYTHS OF HELICON MOUNTAIN.

10 January, 2008


Main Characters in MYTHS, Part One: ECHO AND NARCISSUS (*)
Main Characters in MYTHS, Part Two: SEARCH FOR PEGASUS (**)
Main Characters in MYTHS, Part Three: ATALANTA AND THE GOLDEN APPLES (***)

GENERATION ONE, born before Deucalion's Flood:
[1] EUROPA and [2] GLAUCUS, Giant survivors in the North who rescue Poseidon, Atlas, and their Nephilim families from the ruins of Boreas and lead them south to escape the ice flows

GENERATION TWO: Europa and Glaucus' daughters, born before Deucalion’s Flood:
[3] DODONA (eponym for of Dodona Springs)
[4]*EPHRYA, (eponym for Ephryia). In the absence of Human males, she agrees to be Poseidon’s Human paramour
[5] *AETHRA who, for the same reason, becomes Atlas’ Human paramour

-- Daughters of Ephyra [4] and Poseidon:

[6] CYLLENE, marries her cousin Pelasgus [8] and becomes Queen of the Pelasgians
[7] *URANA, who, in the absence of Human males, agrees to be the paramour of Poseidon’s Pleiad son, Alpheius. They migrate to the Midland where she becomes Queen of Mount Helicon

-- Children of Aethra [5] and Atlas:
[8] PELASGUS, the only son, eponym for the Pelasgians; see Cyllene [6]
[9] *CALYPSO, who agrees to be the paramour of Alpheius’ brother, Cephisus; They migrate to the Midland with Urana [7] and Alpheius
[10] MELIA, becomes the Human paramour of Inachus, another of Poseidon’s Pleiad sons, and moves with him to Mount Oeta in Thessaly
[11] LARISA, crosses over into Thessaly to marry Greacus, Grandson of Deucalion
[12] PELLA, crosses over into Thessaly to marry Macedon, Grandson of Deucalion
[13] PIERA, crosses over into Thessaly to marry Magnes, Grandson of Deucalion
[14] MNEMOSYNE aka DIONE, crosses over into Thessaly to marry Teucer, Grandson of Deucalion, but soon leaves him to become Zeus’ Human paramour on Mount Olympus
[15] PAEONA, becomes Ares’ Human paramour on Mount Olympus


-- Children of Urana [7] by Alpheius:
[16] * ECHO who loves Narcissus

[17] **ORTELOCHUS, marries Leiriope [22]; becomes first king of Mount Helicon
[18] **ORSINOME, has a daughter named Kasandra [30], and then marries Lapithes, son of Apollo and Deucalion’s granddaughter Stilbe

[19] **ORUS
[20] TRICCA, marries Centaurus, Lapithes’ brother

-- Children of Calypso [8] by Cephisus:
who loves Narcissus
[22] LEIRIOPE, who marries Ortelochus [17]

-- Children of Melia [10] by Inachus:
[23] FIVE QUEENS, names unknown, whose people make up the original Human population on and around Mount Oeta; called collectively the Echinades; first to have a star-wheel

-- Child of Larisa [11] by Greacus:
[24] ENDYMION, forerunner of the Greeks

-- Children of Pella [12] by Macedon:
[25] **CLEO, marries Pierus [27]

[26] **METHONE, who is sent north to find Diomedes [29] after she bears a child by Pierus [27]

-- Son of Piera [13] by Magnes:
[27] **PIERUS, marries Cleo [25] of Macedonia. She drives him out of Macedonia because of his dalliance with her sister Methone [26]. He moves to the north side of Mount Olympus where he takes a second wife, one of Paeone’s daughters [30]

-- Children of Mnemosyne aka Dione [14]:
[28] BATAEA, by Teucer, reared on Mount Ida, mother of the Trojans
[29] MANY DAUGHTERS, unclaimed by Zeus; Sometimes called the Muses, they live on Mount Olympus and their duty is to amuse visitors

-- Children of Paeona [15] by Ares:
[30] **DIOMEDES, who disappears in the northern mountains after the Search for Pegasus

[31] DAUGHTER, name unrecorded, who becomes the second wife of Pierus [27]


-- Child of Ortelochus [17] and Lieriope [22], Royal family of Mount Helicon:
[32] ATLAS TELEON, marries Hesperis [39]; he and his family are among the Humans sent to find and settle the Island of Ortygia with Poseidon and his people

-- Children of Orsinome [18]
[33] KASANDRA, claimed by Apollo
[34] ***ONCUS, Olive Grower of Oraea Springs, by Lapithes

-- Nine sons of Tricca [20] and Centaurus; four of whom are named. They marry the nine daughters of Pierus [27] and settle along the upper Peneius River in Thessaly:
[35] PHOLUS, King of the Centaurs


-- Daughters of one of the Five Queens of Mount Oeta [23]
[39] HESPERIS, wife of Atlas Teleon [32] (Called Hesperis because Mount Oeta is west of Mount Helicon and beautiful at sunset)

[40] her SISTER, the mother of Hyrie [51]

-- Child of Cleo [25] by Pierus [27]:
[41] ***HYACINTH, the musical king of the Macedonians. "Loved the bard Thamyris; first man to love another man."

-- Child of Methone [26] by Pierus [27]:
[42] ***OEAGRUS, the real king of the Macedonians

-- Children of Paeone’s daughter [31] and Pierus [27]:
[43] NINE DAUGHTERS, names unrecorded, who marry the nine sons of Tricca and Centaurus


-- Daughters of Atlas Teleon [32] and Hesperis [39]; remembered as the Hesperides
[44] HESTIA who chooses to remain a virgin
[45] AEGLE who becomes Poseidon's Human Paramour

-- Daughter of Oncus [34] and his Bithynian wife from Orchomenus (See Deucalion’s children)
[47] ***OLEIA, Atalanta’s cousin and dear friend

-- Son of Pholus [35] and one of Pierus’ daughters [43]
[48] ***HIPPOMENES, Atalanta’s suitor

-- Sons of Oeagrus [42], King of the Macedonians
[49] ***ORPHEUS, poet-musician and Atalanta's friend. "Author of many poems and songs. Charmed the wild animals and caused stones and trees to follow him."

[50] ***LINUS, poet-musician and Atalanta's friend. "Skilled in music, taught others to play the lyre."

-- Daughter of Hesperis’ sister [40] and Hyrieus Asterion, Athena’s Pleiad Astronomer:
[51] ***HYRIE of Mount Oeta, friend to Orpheus [49] and Linus [50], and a frequent visitor on Mount Helicon

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